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Hi lovely ladies!

I am just sitting here on this gorgeous Tuesday thinking how it still blows my mind to this day how much toxic filler skincare companies sneak into their products. Then turn around and claim how safe they are to use with promised results. Long story short.... chemicals are chemicals and should never be put on or in your body.

I want you to know, that as your Esthetician, you can trust that I will never ever settle for less when choosing the right products for you. You can count on that!


This was just a quick love note I wanted to send out while it was on my mind. I will touch base on this topic more in detail later in the season. For now I want to thank you all for your trust and loyalty as a client, the appreciation runs deep :)

Hopefully I will see you soon!

- Jessica


I can't leave without listing a few of my top favorite skincare companies in no particular order:

- Livia Pure Skincare (used at sweet saffron)

- 100% Pure

-Evan Healy

-Laurel Whole Plant Organics

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