Ugh. But I’m Tired. Do you really even need a skincare routine?

When you think of skincare what do you see?

Perhaps it's a bathroom counter crowded with products, or a seemingly never ending beauty aisle filled with products?

A rotating wheel of the latest and greatest skin care tools?

Are you in your bathroom mirror just slapping creams on your skin because you were told to by a twenty-something on Tik Tok?

Or, maybe the worst thing to see-lots of money going down the drain?

If executing a skincare routine seems like a chore, confusing or something you have to do, I totally understand why it becomes daunting and unmotivating. But if you just shift your mindset a bit, it’s really about wanting to care for ourselves.

So let’s get real-why don’t you have a skin care routine? Why are you not taking care of your skin?

Step away from skincare for a second.

Do you aim to eat certain foods consistently? Why?

I’m guessing it’s because you want your body to function properly and optimally.

Guess what!

Skincare is really a food regimen, but for our external organ, skin (which is also our largest organ, believe it or not). You’re giving your largest organ the proper ingredients and care it needs to function and look its best!

Skincare doesn’t have to be a burden. Let go of that mindset right now. Make it a chance to love yourself, to fill up your inner cup.

Some like to make their skincare a *thing*. They light candles, turn on some relaxing music or listen to a book, etc. Others like to just get in and get out. And let me be clear, nothing is wrong with a “the quicker, the better” attitude. I don’t have children, but I have heard from clients for many years that “me time” is very limited. It doesn’t matter the amount of time spent, as long as it was time well spent.

So, I invite you to really think about what skincare means to you, and be realistic with yourself on how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle and schedule.

I have a client who is a nurse. She works night shifts, has children, and is single. She knows her lifestyle and food choices affect her skin so she got realistic with what she expects her skin to look and feel like, and in return, she schedules a facial with me at least once a month. That’s how she fills her cup and makes skincare a ritual for her.

So, are you ready to really start taking care of your skin this year but aren’t sure where to begin?

Or do you just need a refresher? I don’t blame you-things did get a little wonky in 2020.

I would be more than happy to begin or continue this new journey with you! Book a 30 or 60 minute custom facial with me today

I also offer 45 minute virtual skin care consults where we go over your skin health and answer any questions you may have, including inquiries about products, lifestyle, routine changes, acne, facial massage- whatever!

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